Let’s Talk About: Stan Lee

TODAY I heard the news of the passing of Stan Lee. Being a massive Marvel fan myself I felt pretty saddened by the unexpected news. I guess we all could have guessed that it would have to happen sometime soon with him being 95, but Stan Lee had an energy about him that made people... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About: Diligence

“Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” – Proverbs 10:4   Diligence is another character trait that stems directly from an individual’s attitude. Our attitude towards whatever it is that we are doing will determine the level of diligence in which we do that task.   Diligence means to do something carefully... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About: Failure

WHENEVER people tell me about something they are working towards or a dream they have I get incredibly excited; almost to the point to where they think I’m a crazy person. They can’t understand why I am so excited they have a dream or a goal they are pursuing.   I absolutely love hearing that... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About: Productivity

WE'VE all heard that just because we’re busy that doesn't mean we are being productive and effective. So how do we know when we are actually getting things done versus just getting the feeling like we are doing a lot? How can we use our time more efficiently without feeling too regimented? How can we... Continue Reading →

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