I’m Nathan

Hello! I’m Nathan and I’m a personal development blogger and creator of the personal development blog, ‘Let’s Talk About: Personal Development.’


I am starting this blog in 2018 to share what I’ve learned growing up with personal development being a passion of mine. All of my posts are covering topics that affect an individual’s fulfillment in life – Relationships, Happiness, Personal Finances, Careers, Confidence, and most importantly, in my opinion, Attitude. At the start of this blog I am in the beginning stages of my professional career with an amazing foundation of personal development at my advantage.  Currently, I am using what I’ve learned and applying it in the marketplace and watching my professional relationships, income, and overall professional career grow.


I am an advocate of striving to stretch your limits as far as possible in all areas of life, and yes, that includes financially. Jim Rohn says everyone should become a millionaire, not because of the things you will get from being a millionaire, but because of the person the process will turn you into. That process has to do with personal development – the foundation of success in all areas of life. My philosophy is that fulfillment starts with your attitude. This blog is meant to help develop your attitude and outlook.



This blog is meant to stir ideas in the minds of my readers. Ideas that will initiate changes in their outlook on all areas of personal development. My goal is to persuade my readers that if they start with their own development then all areas of their life can improve immensely – no matter where they are coming from or what sort of background they have had. ‘Let’s Talk About: Personal Development’ is meant to be a place that people who are desiring change in their life can look to for information, ideas, and inspiration. I ask that you participate with discussion with other readers, sharing, and messaging me privately so that we can stimulate new ideas. Thank you for reading!



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